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Freedom Now

Hollywood has been in a decline for a long time. I think sequel mania has made it afraid to try new things. In an effort to get away from sequels they have been trying to re-do old movies and that hasn’t been very successful either.

The one thing that pinhead Joe McCarthy was right about was that Hollywood is full of leftwing extremists. What he was wrong about was that they do have the right to have their own views.

Post Fahrenheit 9/11 many Americans have become quite turned off with Hollywood's activism, while tolerant of its rhetoric. It is true that Fahrenheit had a good run here in the states, but this is a big country and the movie just tapped out its whole market. The 2004 elections proved that.

I much prefer Team America to that piece of trash. While some are eager to point out that the movie makes fun of the US as well, it doesn’t come close to how badly it puts down Hollywood and Leftists. Besides, Tray and Matt admitted that their hatred of Michael Moore was one of the main motivators for making the movie.

Despite the leftwing rhetoric I enjoyed Kingdom of Heaven which focused on European brutality during the Crusades. The flick would be well received by the Ayatollahs of Iran [if they would permit themselves to watch a movie], but I enjoyed it anyways. Sometimes leftists seem like little children that you have to tolerate their irrational behavior with a knowing smile.


I definitely agree with Freedomnow and would add that I personally got fed up not only with the trashing of America at every turn, but also at the trashing of literally every decent value we have ever stood for. And I am only talking about Disney movies now. The rest of that trash I stopped watching over 10 years ago!!!!

Solid Surfer

I think many Hollywood-ites know that they're out of touch with mainstream America, but they basically don't care - they consider their own beliefs to be "normal" regardless of who disagrees.

Michael Medved (the conservative film critic) has demonstrated, for example, that PG and PG-13 films are far more profitable than R-rated films, but Hollywood keeps churning out far more R films because regardless of box office potential, that's what the directors there want to make.


I believe it is called propaganda.

Fortunately we are still a relatively free country and people are making their choice to NOT be propagandized.

I believe we are seeing this with the decline in viewer/readership of the MS also.

The RED states may yet WIN!!

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