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Wow, I really enjoyed reading that article. It really made me think about some things and the analogy you made makes sense to me by the end of the essay.


Great job, surfer. You beautifully weaved the Foundation story into your analysis of Islam. I would say this, though: Islam is a parasite but not a dominant empire of its own. You've suggested as much in your post. Therefore, they are the logical example of what would take over should America fail, rather than an empire of its own making that crumbles over time. This rabble will destroy themselves nearly overnight when forced to live by their own scant offerings as there negligable contributions to the world can attest...

As Seldon did (or will do in the future), we need someone who will be able to formulate how we can reduce the American slide into decadence and hasten the demise of the inevitable, bastard ascention of islam.

The horrible cockroaches of humanity are just waiting to scavange.

The Solid Surfer

Art and MZ - glad you liked the piece, and thanks for the comments.

I don't think Islam will ever take over, though, even if America were to fail. Islam as a political entity is too weak and unstable to accomplish much. I think it's more likely that China would take over, and that regional powers such as Brazil, Nigeria, South Africa, and Russia would gain more influence in their own backyards. Not that this is good by any means, but even in this worst-case scenario, I can't see radical Islam coming out ahead.

But I also agree - America needs to wake up too so the fight doesn't get much worse.

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