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Uhh, where did Lennon live for the latter part of his life??

Where did the largest chunk of his income originate?

Like many lefties he "voted with his feet".

I really love the fact that soooo many of them won't stop denigrating our country while violently opposing being forced to LEAVE!!!

I wonder what we have no one else has?? Animal magnetism???


So, if a murderer offers you intellectual respect while blowing you away it is OK?? If an embezller offers you respect while cleaning you out it is OK?? If a communist offers you respect while undercutting you and overthrowing your democratically elected gubmint it is OK??? You are such a MAROOOOOONNN.



kuhnkat, how old are you? Your childish response to Dr. WOB's post makes me think you a.) didn't read it, or b.) didn't understand it.


i love satire. i mean, this post was satire, right?



over 50.

Why, thank you. I always liked the old saying "...from the mouths of babes..." (Not referring to what is on babewatch)

And you apparently miss the ridiculous idea of respecting the individual, even though he/she is a raving lunatic, just because they apparently are offering you respect.


I do not believe it is. I could be wrong. I think he was commenting on how many intelligent people outgrow their earlier misguided idealism that sends them in the wrong directions.

As many people point out and he admits, it is speculation.

Freedom Fighter

Anyone who thinks that John Lennon---who despised imperialism, the ruling class, and the American military-industrial war making machine---would have turned into a clueless, fascistic, hate-filled, Bush-loving Republican is engaging in wishful thinking.

If you have any doubts, read his last interview with Rolling Stone. He makes quite clear what his political views are. I know it's hard for right-wingers who like the Beatles to admit it, but John Lennon looked with complete disgust and contempt upon your hideous views. Live with that reality and don't try to distort who and what he was. (And I won't pretend that if Elvis were alive today he'd be out there protesting against the American occupation of Iraq.)

Solid Surfer

You have totally missed the point about everything I wrote. Of course Lennon was a leftwinger earlier in his life. But the point is - people change. And I think he would have been one of those people.

And by the way, I welcome courteous posts only on this blog.


Lennon may have been a proud American once he acquired US citizenship, but from what I have gathered, Lennon was still strong with his fundamental position.

I'm not some John Lennon fan who will detest anything opposing the traditional Lennon ideology, but what you have written seems to be more of a leap of hope instead of just an inference with reasonable facts. I'm not berating what-so-ever, I just don't believe this. Just because people change doesn't mean he would have; his mentality is and was before him, shared by many.

I didn't exactly care for the remark of "Imagine" being a utopian communism, just because it was slightly rash and better words could have been chosen, ya know? Just because the world could be as one doesn't mean you had to refer to communism, utopia would have been fine.

And to J.L., he had become an American citizen; this was widely known. And also, "Working Class Hero" is not exactly about poseurs, but of how "they" (government) have created this pseudo-world that we live in and have created what is expected of us. Isn't that song almost self-explanatory?

Solid Surfer

Hi Levi,
Thanks for writing. Good to revisit this thread. I agree that of course there's no way to know how Lennon really would have ended up, but with regards to him becoming a conservative, stranger things have occurred - who would have dreamed, for example, that Yoko and McCartney would have made enough peace by the mid-90s to allow for the creation of the Beatles Anthology?

As for "Imagine", perhaps Lennon was indeed just in utopian mindset, but when the lyrics say things like "Imagine no possessions/I wonder if you can...Imagine all the people/Sharing all the world", that's about as basic a definition of communism as you can get.


feh. you fools like to project all your messed up ideas onto everyone else, even dead anti-war protestors.

yeah, your evidence is ted nugent. that man is a freaking retard! all of his catchy songs are so memorable...oh wait - nothing he has written as a musician has ever been good.

please, go piss on someone else's grave. maybe your grandfather's, or perhaps some asshole neocon.

Solid Surfer

Umm, okay...so because you don't like Ted Nugent's music, that means my whole essay is "messed up". Keep on dreaming.

Jason The

Possibly the most irrational argument I have ever had occasion to read.

Lennon is rolling over in his grave at what the Bush administration has done to habeas corpus. He would be burning a flag over the soldiers killed in a manufactured and ludicrous war.

You gotta listen to the lyrics too, dipshit.

Love and kisses,

Pete Second-Best

I just stopped by to point out, as others have, that you're full of shit, "Solid Surfer" (if that IS your real name). Lennon a Republican? No motherfucking way.

Dr Zen

Dream on, dude. Lennon would have recognised you as the enemy, which you are of any decent human being.

Solid Surfer

I haven't posted to this site in a long time, but the last three comments here need some addressing.

To The Jason, Pete Second Best, and Dr. Zen: If you really think John Lennon would have been so different, then go ahead and explain exactly why, rather than insulting me and accomplishing nothing. Lennon, after all, is the one who sang "Gimme Some Truth." Yes, I've listened to his lyrics, and yes, I see how they changed from the naive radicalism/communism/utopianism of the early 1970s to something far different and more mature later in his career.

What would his political views be today had he lived? In truth there is no way to know. But to say he would have become a Republican is certainly within the realm of realistic possibility.


I agree. This website is one of the most unintentionally hilarious websites I've ever seen.

Solid Surfer

It's been a while once again since I've posted anything here, but an intriguing discovery has just emerged that I thought worth nothing: As a teenager, Lennon was apparently a member of the British Air Training Corps: http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/programmes/7246967.stm

This is yet further evidence that he was no lifetime pacifist and that his political views and interests changed throughout the years.

Jack Kearney

You don't know John


I really don't care if you buffoons argue back and forth about what is or is not patriotic, but DO NOT and i repeat. DO NOT bring in the late great John Lennon into this discussion. It is a disgrace to his name and everything he stood for.

"imagine there's no countries"


you're going to bring up something from his TEENAGE past to back your arguement Solid Surfer? disgusting. it was his TEENAGE years, of COURSE he hadn't taken his stance on war yet. Hell, i bet he hadn't even decided what he was going to do for a living...


"I see Lennon becoming a patriotic, pro-America Republican." surely imply that only Republicans are patiotic. You didn't say that but it seem like that.


What a load of absolute drivel. John Lennon a Republican? Voting for Bush?? You have absolutely no idea.

Edgar the Cat

Lennon was a limey through and through (and I don't mean that disparagingly). I could not see him ever taking out U.S. citizenship unless the INS said, "OK, put up or shuttup! In other words, if you don't want to become one of us go home, like they did to my father who was an Australian. Lennon only stayed in New York because it reminded him of Liverpool ( which he is quoted as saying). When the Beatles first came to the U.S. Lennon complained to a reporter that he ".... never saw so many ugly people." and "...all these birds with braces on their teeth." Like Chaplin, Americans to Lennon would always be, and never could be, anything else but 'aliens' from another planet and a people who spoke some sort of curious sounding English which wasn't the same as he spoke and I reckon he thought was insufferable to listen to. He could never count himself as one of them. J.Edgar Hoover's personal vendetta against him would have pissed him off big-time and certainly confirmed his deep-seated prejudices about Americans. Lennon had nothing in common with Americans; no community of principle at all. His personal nightmare would be to wake up one morning and turn into Ricky Nelson. He wasn't like Christoper Hitchens or Aleister Cooke. John Lennon, in spite of his residence in New York, could never see himself as anything but an Englishman. He would've had it in the back of his mind that England would never forgive him if he became a 'Yank' and no fellow 'scouser' on Scottie Rd. would ever speak to him again. Trust me, I know a dyed-in-the-wool Limey when I see one.


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