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Tom Stumpf

Today's WSJ letters to the editor highlight some of the reasons for the rioting http://online.wsj.com/opinion/letters?mod=2_0048
but fail to address the fact that desperate people with nothing to lose are extremely dangerous. If they have no homeland, no means of earning a living and are oppressed in their adopted land, they will lash out at the percieved oppressors not fearing for their life, especially since their afterlife looks to be more appealing to them. We relish life, where they don't fear death. They will use that difference as currency in their extortion.

Solid Surfer

I agree - the fact that the French failed to welcome or assimilate them certainly is part of the cause behind the riots. But that said, other minority groups faced the same issues too, and only the Muslims ended up rioting. This shows radical Islam's influence, and things will only get worse for France unless they take steps to combat this.

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