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Freedom Now

Mr. Surfer,

You have opened a can of worms. There is no way you can possibly describe the infinite number of reasons why Jihadists will lose. You can write a three book trilogy and still not have enough room to describe all the faults in Jihadist strategy.

They will never be able to progress from terrorists to rulers without a total collapse of civilization. Something they may feel that they are capable of achieving and may very well be the goal of the brighter and more sinister minds among them.

You are a brave soul for attacking this one. That was an excellent piece.


Solid Surfer

Thanks, glad you liked it. I agree - this is only the tip of the iceberg as for why the jihadists won't succeed. I just got the idea for this particular piece after reading the Foundation series and thinking about its connection with actual society.

And unbelievably enough, after I originally wrote the essay, I found an article speculating that Bin Laden was influenced by the Foundation novels, and that he viewed them exactly the way (i.e. America as the declining empire) that I said to NOT view them. (I addressed the issue in a post, as well: http://thesolidsurfer.typepad.com/the_solid_surfer/2005/09/asimov_and_alqa.html

Freedom Now

The problem is that Islamists will kill a lot of people before they are through.

The media and the Leftwing will prolong the killing as long as they can in order to benefit from it.


I hope this is not so late coming that it's not seen or responded to ever.

Here's my bone to pick with the idea that 'our side' is simply supperior and will ultimately win for that reason.

This all goes on the assumption that the present values that have kept and powered western society as we presently have it will remain as it has progressed thus far. You are assuming that both our values and intrinsic strengths will remain while ignoring the fact that many ideals and practices have either changed or entered a paradigm in which they are no longer net positives.

Yes we have a free society and we innovate and we double check our stances and approaches. Yes we are massively more developed than those masses generally reproducing faster. But all the corolaries that kept these items in the realm of net advantages in the past are not inherently there NOR are there good signs that all these needed points are present or strong in our society.

To summarize this I ask you this question. If every major economy save china, india and the US colapses in the next 50 years do you think we will then be closser or farther away from massive global set backs? Could a single major event take the narrowed gaps from certain demographic implosions now occuring take all those wonderfull perks of our advanced society and throw them back a couple centuries?

Solid Surfer

Hi Hive Radical,

I don't check this portion of the site often, but I did see your comment. I fully agree with you that Western society could indeed change. My contention, however, is not that the West will necessarily win. Rather, it is that the jihadists will ultimately lose. The West can change in whatever direction, but the jihadists refuse to budge an inch, and that is their ultimate weakness because their current position cannot produce success on its own. All I'm saying then, is that the jihadists will lose, whether it's ultimately to the West, China, India, someone else, or a combination of victors. Worst case, the Islamists will go to their defeat dragging the West down with them (This is very unlikely in America, but sadly very possible in Europe). I don't know who will defeat them, but someone will.

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I agree that extreme Islam cannot "win," as you put it, because in order to succeed it would have to change and become tolerant and flexible, thus losing its identity. However, a moderate form of Islam could potentially spread and become the prevailing religion in the world (as you discuss in your other article, Europe, Islam, and Demographics). In the centuries to follow, economic and internal pressures could nudge Islam back to fundamentalism and extremism. We already know Islam is susceptible to radical tendencies when pressured. So in the end extreme Islam can “win” and Asimov's 30,000-year age of darkness can happen.

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