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Freedom Now

Leftists try to equate the killing and capture of terrorists as equivalent to killing and capturing innocent Muslims.

They also like to equate justice as revenge.

The objective is to use terrorism in any way that they can to discredit Republicans and Israelis so that they can seize power.

The funny thing is, if they were in charge they would be doing the same thing (although they will be less competent and have the Carter Administration's lack of nerve). They are just liars.......

Solid Surfer

Many leftists also can't take the fact that terrorism motivated by fundamentalist Islam doesn't fit into their worldview that people are all morally equal. So instead of facing reality and changing their worldview, they do everything they can to fit terrorism into their existing one - i.e. they blame everyone else for the terrorists' problems. Of course this never works, but they still can't seem to accept reality because it's too painful for them to change their basic worldview.

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