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Freedom Now

The media runs around giving press to people who say that Israel is an apartheid state yet mention nothing of the intolerance of Saudi Arabia, a country that does not allow infidels into the holy cities of Mecca and Medina. The most bigoted cities in the world!!!

That’s what bloggers are here for, to provide an alternative to the simple mindedness of current intellectual thought.


J. Bargholz, on Madzionist's blog suggested a map of New York in the near future with a bowling alley in place of the UN.

I agree, it would cost a lot less and bring far fewer criminals into the area. Unhooking from the UN would be the first step in bringing sanity back to our foreign policy. We could ship the MSM to wherever the UN settled next.

We could then close our borders to all members of this bigoted, genocidal organisation.

Seriously, has anyone sat down and figured out how many true Democracies or Representative gubmints the UN represents?? Now let's cut that number down some more by excluding those who don't support the US? Now reduce that number again by the countries that exist on handouts?

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