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I hang out at Israpundit myself. While there is solid information that would appear to support the theory, I always point out one BIG problem with any theory like this.

For this to be true you would have to have concurrence between people who would rather use flame throwers on each other, and, among which are actual FRIENDS of Israel.

Yes there definitely look to be groups of people who HATE ISRAEL and would turn them in a second to curry favor with the Saudis especially. (the name Farrakhan and other inclusive, loving, types come to mind) Our State Department has been a nest of Commies for over 60 years and would sell them out as above.

Fortunately there are opposition groups that keep the worst of the depredations from happening. I personally believe that Bush IS a friend of Israel even though it sometimes doesn't look like it.

Previous admins were forcing Israel to expose their throat for NOTHING. Bush appears to be doing the same, BUT, he is waging a war that very well may reduce the danger to Israel.

On the enemy side unfortunately are also descendants of Jews who are only looking for power (the name George Soros woud be a good example here). It is sad, but, these people have no real religious or cultural connection to their ancestors and shouldn't be considered Jewish in my opinion.

Anywho, I think the guy has gone over the edge a little bit. You know, not exactly BALANCED in his reporting.

One of the claims I keep hearing is that the US has agreed to cede Iraq to Iran. I am still trying to figure out what we got for this exchange that is to happen shortly. Especially as it looks like Israel and the US and, with a couple more statements by Ahmadinejad, the EU will take down their nuclear project.

Another claim is that Reagan continued Carters policies. While this may be true Reagan took the opportunity to UNDERMINE Carter by directly negotiating with the Iranians for the hostage release while running for office. Carter's inability to get an agreement with the Iranians was one of numerous reasons he lost his reelection bid.

This doesn't refute the guys claims but shows that he doesn't take into account numerous conflicting parties involved in all of the activity he tries to explain.

He also tries to claim that all of the results of our foreign policy specifically to do with the ME were intended. Outside of the fact that there must have been a number of BETTER ways to have it turn out even assuming his proposition, I just can't believe this Cabal of Israeli haters have that much intelligence that they become godlike and ACHIEVE ALL THEIR GOALS!!

Damn, why didn't they take out the USSR or China?? Oh, I didn't get the memo. They are CONTROLLING RUSSIA and CHINA!! Yeah, I just can't believe any CABAL ANYWHERE in the world is that good.

The last group to even appraoch was the KGB turning most of the 3rd world. They were able to accomplish through a combination of keeping the US away by their penetration of our gubmint and Dems and a lot of hard work. Of course, in the meantime they let their own economy DIE and their own population to lose trust in their abilities!!!

See ya later!!

PS: I think you are spot on with helping Israel by untangling ourselves from the PetroDollar. Drill in Alaska, off the coast of California, Florida, wind farms in Teddies bedroom (between hot air and gas that would replace at least one coal fired plant!!) new Nuclear plants and relicensing or rebuilding existing ones as necessary. More hi-tech coal plants and opening our low sulfur coal deposits. More hydro power from river mouths and tide pools, ethanol, hydrogen (which needs more electrical power to use), and new ideas are all required!!

Solid Surfer

I agree - I think Gil-White actually makes some very good points in part (i.e. his general pro-Israel stance and his claims that the Serbian-Kosovo conflict wasn't nearly as one-sided as the media presented it out to be), but I don't buy the way he tries to tie it into a big conspiracy theory. I'm a bit surprised Israpundit so strongly supported the story though; based on most of Ted Belman's other posts, I would have thought he and Gil-White would have more sharply disagreed.

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