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Mini Me

I do not comprehend how Carter believes that now that Hamas has won the election they will all the sudden abandon their radical views in regard to Israel and terrorism and resort to peace and responsibility. Former President Carter you are wrong! And giving aid to Hamas is in essence the same as financially supporting terrorists.

Freedom Now

Carter's stance is based on naive hopefulness. Just like Germany screwed up the Iranian Nuke Crisis, Carter is sending the wrong signals.

There is a time to be generous and forgiving and there is a time to lay down the law. When a country makes suggestions that they will defy the UN's anti-Nuclear weapon proliferation stance, you need to be firm.

The US talked the "talk" and Germany came along and denounced the US!!!! Naturally, Iran saw a rift and exploited it, further eroding the chance to get Iran to cooperate.

Now is the time to talk tough to Hamas and let them know that the world will not allow them to continue their genocide against the Jews since they will form the majority of the recognized gov't of the Palestinians.

Shit!!!! Why am I even saying this? I am sure that everyone reading this already understands the facts. Carter is such an eeeeediot!!!!!!!!!!


What do you get when you cross a peanut with a turkey?...... Goober-Gobbler,....that's Carter!
What a senile old commie sob!

Solid Surfer

You know, I'm amazed Carter was even elected president back in 1976...


Jimmy Carter was the worst President of the 20th century, hands down. He is also the worst ex-President of the 20th century. The man is a joke and has not met a dictator he doesn't love.

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