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afternoon solidsurfer. great weekend fare. i've been trying to post the following article at most sites i visit as i feel we are living in a time like no other. the world is FULL of holocaust deniers and muslim lovers. anyway, here it is enjoy and have a relaxing weekend:



Hi Nanc, Great link! Remember, however, a "Holocost denier" is just a liar with an agenda to hide who uses a popular scapegoat to deflect piercing questions about the nature of his or her hidden agenda. Holocost deniers are therefore immoral political animals. "Muslim lovers", on the other hand, is a term that has no definition and that begs for specificity. I assume that, by the term "Muslim lovers", you mean Radical Islamic Fascist Apologists". If that's the case, such apologists are typically individuals who either benefit, in the form of economic benefits or political benefits, from fascism, or hope to do so, or are intimidated by the Islamic fascists that are in power in Iran and may some day come to power in other countries. Radical Islamic Fascist Apologists therefore must be confronted and defeated as one would any competing political view. And, because that view has no substance, it is really not difficult to do, so long as we fight with patience, prudence and intrepidness.

Mini Me

I think the Islamic radicals who deny the holocaust look foolish, particularly to the western world. And Nanc, I think the article in the link you posted is correct, the view of the radical islams in regard to the holocaust needs to be presented in the Holocaust Museum. Not only because they doubt the existence of the holocaust, but much more importantly, the facism existing in some Islamic countries, something Verdant has discussed in his past few comments on this grand political blog, is extremely similar to the Nazi regime...political takeover via the destruction of the Jewish people.


i should have been more specific, verdant. what i meant was to love the ways of the radical muslims. this fight is like trying to speak to helen keller without the benefit of knowing her language skills. we're hitting a wall with the muslims. the radicals are telling the moderates (ha!) how to think AND react.

of course they look foolish, mini me, but look at the millions of people who buy into it. i actually have christian friends who disdain the jews, at their own peril i might add. narrow is the gate which leads to freedom and wide is the way to destruction. good day all.

Solid Surfer

Thanks for the link. I agree - the world knows very little about the Islamic links to the Holocaust, and it must be way more publicized. I had no idea that Iran took its name from the word "Aryan" because the Shah at the time sympathized with Hitler. These are things everyone in the whole world should be made aware of.


The Muslim world is beyond hypocritical. They need to take a look at their anti-Semitic, anti-American media before protesting.


Isn't it odd that we constantly hear how the Koran forbids anyone from drawing pictures of Mohammed, yet the Koran is silent on whether its okay to be a suicide bomber or to cut off so-called infidels heads.
Islam is no religion of peace.

Mini Me

While I don't think it is to the same extent, both the old and the new testaments are not considered entirely peaceful texts. However, no one actually lives by the law of those texts. But muslims do! So that has to make you wonder, is it the religion or the people?


I think it's the political systems that exist in the Muslim world and the unreformed Muslim religious leaders who do not want to sufficiently share power with secular authorities.

Mini Me

I believe the moderate Muslims would prefer a more secular, democratic state than the current situation in Iran. However while moderate Muslims exist in Iran, it seems they have no outlet in which they can express their views and opinions. I think the unreformed Muslim religious leaders can be blamed for that.


Good point, Mini Me. George Washington could have been king, but chose not to be. If only certain Imams and mullahs had that sort of foresight and discretion.

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