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Reliable facts are the key to any fair resolution of any dispute.

Mini Me

Do you think Israel gave up Gaza and most of the West Bank because they believed the Palestinian's numbers in regard to their population? I thought they were simply doing it in an effort to achieve peace at last. I would have felt that if the population was such a big determining factor than Israel would have done more than simply taking the Palestinians word on the matter.


Well written and solid, Surfer (pun intended). I'll likely be linking this column to my site. It just further exposes the insanity of Israel giving away Land to Palestinian terrorist scum.

Solid Surfer

Thanks MZ. Great post on your site today too, which I'd like to link soon as well.

Solid Surfer

Mini Me - the demographic concerns definitely weren't the whole reason for the Gaza pullout, but they certainly played a very large part in it: http://christianactionforisrael.org/isreport/julaug04/hopes.html

Mini Me

Thank you for the link solid surfer!


Israel treats its Palestinian Arabs better than Arab countries treat their Palestinian Arabs. There is a reason why there are one million Arabs in Israel... they dont want to move, despite their ridiculous rhetoric.

Mini Me

Great point!

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