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melech gendin

I agree, the demolishing of homes in the area is completely rediculous. I was most confused while reading haaretz newspaper and hearing about jewish settlements being evacuated and their homes being demolished. I think all land being given to palistinians should stop immediately! THeir terrorists can't the government see that. Like the international community's going to put up a fuss if Israel stops giving land to terrorists. In my opinion the palistinans should have Gaza, and thats it! How many countries do you know of that have little tiny settlements within another country?


The settlement is more symbolic than anything else. It behooves Israel to win the PR war that is an important component of the wider conflict. This is a PR gambit I believe is worth taking at this time. It puts further pressure on Hamas. Also, Israel's next move, if Hamas does not alter its constitution, is to unilaterally withdraw behind the wall and protect itself with offensive parries. Protecting this settlement is therefore not worth the monitary, physical or political cost.

Mini Me

I agree with both verdant and melech gendin. I am upset to see Israel give into an agreement they made with a people that is now governed by a terrorist group. However, I wonder if Israel today had decided not to tear down the settlements in Amona. Would this have provoked Hamas and led to much violence in the near future between the Palestinians and Israel? Regardless, I do agree Solid Surfer in that PM Olmert is trying to "score political points" with the left Kadima Party.


Time for the Religious Zionists to stop passively resisting, as all it gets them is pulverized by the anti-Semites in the Israeli government. The right needs to defend themselves from attack with force, with real bullets, with real weapons, or they will just get demolished by the ruthless left.

It is time for a revolt.

Solid Surfer

I agree with you that the settlers need to resist the Israeli government, but I don't think they should do it violently - I agree with Rabbi Lazer Brody that a civil war between Jews is the last thing Israel needs: http://lazerbrody.typepad.com/lazer_beams/2006/02/dear_lazer_im_a.html

That said, by no means do I advocate passivity; I believe, rather, that the settlers should protest through Israel MLK- and Gandhi-style, which will show the rest of Israel that they are far different than how the Olmert government portrays them.

This peaceful strategy, of course, would not work whatsoever regarding Israel's relations with the Palestinians and other external enemies. But within Israel itself, I think that Jewish people, even those on the secular left, can be swayed by it.


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