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Hi Surfer,

I find it fascinating that the apologists on the left do not understand that the fascists are truly the Iranian regime and its retinue and many Sunni power brokers and religious leaders. These are the individuals who are at the head of the snake(s) that wish(es) to assimilate our way of life like the Star Trek Borg queen antagonist. I don't think those on the left have given much thought to what life would be like for American women, homosexuals, news reporters, and non-Shiite Muslims or even non-religious Shiites under a Iranian Islam oriented government. The bookseller you mentioned would be, for example, out of business or dead. I don't think the owner of City Lights would be out of business or dead if Fallaci was mayor of San Francisco...I imagine City Lights would be selling more books than ever in that scenario.

Dennis Prager's missive is on point. The left merely ascribes value to the weaker party in any conflict - right or wrong. Only aggression by the weak is condoned - the strong cannot go on the offensive without committing atrocities or human rights violations, etc. The stronger force is, under this structure, committed to fighting with one hand behind its back while being impaled and slashed repeatedly by the weak opponent in any concievable manner. This view is only strengthened when the stronger party is the United States or Israel, as the left is inherently self-loathing, so the view actually relieves the left's self guilt as a byproduct.

Solid Surfer

Totally agree. This actually prompted me to write a follow-up piece on the same subject, which I just posted.


Yale's accepting of a Taliban student is ridiculous. Left-wingers will be left-wingers.... not taking Oriana Fallaci's book shows that theyre more about ideology than free speech


Hi Richard,

I agree. The odious smell of hypocracy emanates from the front pages of all the dailies and weeklies that refuse to publish the Danish cartoons. Thank goodness for the blogs and non-mainstream media like The Solid Surfer!

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