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Mini Me

Good luck with your campaign Van! I am glad to see an Iraqi war veteran like yourself is receiving so much support! Great interview Solid Surfer!


What a great interview. Van Taylor is the paradigm of what a young Republican representitive should be...economically conservative, smart, pragmatic but mixed with a spoonful of idealism and passion. His Iraqi war experience is an invaluable asset as a Republican candidate; as a Democratic candidate it unfortunately will appear as a liability since Iraqi war veterans are unappreciated (said euphemistically...). A candidate like this merits the support of all Americans.


hip-hip for the interview, solidsurfer. this is the america i remember and long for. he seems like a fine man and candidate.

Solid Surfer

Thanks...glad everyone has liked it so far! This is the site's first interview, and hopefully there will be more to come as well.


As Little Green Footballs notes...some UAE citizens are quite vocal about the rectitudinous of suicide bombers and their families...


Good work Surfer. I enjoyed the interview. Seems like a great candidate.


Great interview... he sounds like a good candidate and I would certainly support him if he was running from my district. He seems to have a solid head on his shoulders.


Thumbs Up.
I think Taylor is a good choice also.
Cowabunga Dude.

Jeff Esau

What are your thoughts regarding the aco Veterans Hospital? Many people have thought that the issue was a done deal and it would remain open. If elected what is your views on veteran health care nad the many Vets coming home with PTSD and the need for services that Waco not only provides but is deemed a "Center of Excellence" in this regard.

Solid Surfer

Hi Jeff,

Thanks for the questions. It's been a few months since we ran the interview, so Van probably isn't checking this site at the moment, but if you want to find out more about his positions (perhaps including his views on the specific topics you mention) and/or to contact his, visit his website at www.VanTaylor.com

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