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Great column, Surfer. The left scares me because they just dont get it

Solid Surfer

Thanks for writing. Hopefully some leftists will read this too and take it as a wake up call.


Hi Surfer,

Yes, all people are good...and its cousins...all political systems are morally equal...the rich, strong, powerful are unethical aggressors and usurpers...the weak are victims who need to be protected by the apologetical...animals and plants are morally equal to humans...and one can reason with anyone or anything, no matter how evil.


Worldview 'all people are inherently good' is probably efficient survival stratedy (thus usefull feeling) in the stone age, when peoples lived within small tribes and where everybody know eachother.

But in todays societies freeloading is much too easy.

Ilkka Kokkarinen

Good catch. And even if we ignore the Islamists, the exact same phenomenon can be seen in how leftists just adore the underclass and its values, which are also totally antithetical to the main leftist goals such as environmentalism, women's rights, gay rights, anti-racism etc. Say, can anybody really imagine the typical underclass thug supporting any of these goals either in the abstract or in his daily life?

I once wrote a post about this, but I noticed that you can't put links here. You can find it by going to my blog and clicking on "Underclass values" in the sidebar.

Solid Surfer

Thanks for writing. I totally agree. According to the left, everyone who has any problems is a victim and bears no responsibility of their own.

Of course, in reality, everyone's circumstances are unique, and sadly many kids do grow up in a disadvantaged environment that is no fault of their own. But regardless of where you start from, everyone has the power to improve things for themselves, and the left just can't seem to grasp it.

Nice website too; I found the article. Not sure why the comments section here can't do hyperlinks, but I guess if you provide the direct web adddress, people can cut and paste it into their browsers.

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