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Freedom Now

If you want to get to the root causes of terrorism look to the Liberals. Without Liberals there would be no terrorism.

Solid Surfer

I don't know if I'd go to quite that broad a definition, but statistically, I'd estimate that about 75% of world terrorism is caused by Muslim terrorists, and most of the rest comes from Communist/Marxist-type groups.

Of course, though, a primary reason these groups get away with the terrorism is because leftwingers constantly apologize for them and refuse to go after them.

Freedom Now

If you look at the Israeli/Palestinian conflict you will see the benefits of terrorism and how it manipulates the "antiwar" movement into supporting war.

When terrorists make any press release it is geared towards 3 audiences.

1. Pro-Jihadists - to inspire them
2. Liberals - to illicite sympathy
3. Their victims - to create self-doubt and fear amongst them

To get their message out they rely on one group, the Liberals. Liberals promote their message better than Islamists ever can.

When Liberals say that we have to understand the root causes of terrorism, they are really saying that we must sympathize with the cause of terrorism.

Terrorists just love it and this justifies their tactics. Without Liberals modern Islamic terrorism would have been washed up years ago.


Waters, no doubt, was actually trying to appear benevolent when he made his remarks...

One must remember that leftists view the world as being divided into two camps - the powerful and the weak. In their view propriety is ascribed to the weak and immorality to the strong. There their analysis ends. This view prevails among leftists because all people and political systems are considered equally virtuous, and only psychological or environmental catalysts (proscribed by the powerful)can produce evil. Leftists are at a loss to explain why a homeless person would return money that is not his...he is viewed as a freak...not as a person who simply knows right from wrong...http://www.ocregister.com/ocregister/homepage/abox/article_1107070.php

Mini Me

I am curious to see if the concert goes smoothly. If I were in Israel and had intentions to go to the concert I most certainly would not anymore, after Waters's remarks. The fact that Water said what he said on the day of a suicide bombing makes me want to punch him in the face. It is really impossible to have any sort of discussion with these flamming liberals as they have stopped being logical.


While I understand that having Waters perform adds a sense of normalcy in Israel, after demanding that the venue be switched away from Tel-Aviv because of "Palestinian" protests - I'd tell this "peace activist" idiot that the concert is off. He doesn't deserve to profit off of Israelis. This guy needs to understand that in order for there to be peace, the other side needs to want it first. You can have all the peace/coexistence concerts you want, but as long as the Muslims are bent on Israel's destruction - they aren't going to make an ounce of difference.

Solid Surfer

Verdant, that article is really eye-opening in terms of showing how leftists really see things. What's right and wrong never comes into play - for them it's all about poor and rich, in the sense that to them, poverty can justify any type of problem or wrongdoing. And then when reality doesn't bear them out, they're at a loss to explain it.

Solid Surfer

Regarding Roger Waters, I looked things up, and it turns out he probably didn't say that quote the same day it was reported: http://contactmusic.com/new/xmlfeed.nsf/mndwebpages/pink%20floyd%20star%20requests%20new%20israeli%20venue_16_04_2006

But even so, he's still a leftist Jimmy Carter-type who is deluded from reality and conveniently ignores Palestinian terrorism.

Mini Me

Jimmy Carter is a fraud and a joke.

Solid Surfer

For sure on that. Definitely the worst U.S. president ever, by far.

Gormless Norman

Wish You Were Sane

So, so you think you can tell
Heaven from Hell, Marines from Bin Laden.
Can you tell East Berlin from Israel?
Sadaam from George Bush
Do you think you can tell?

Did they get you trade your hat for tin foil?
Your own moral judgments for lefty platitudes?
Are you deranged?
And would you exchange your hard fought freedom for some craven dhimmitude?
Your storied music career for a the moonbats' center stage?

How I wish, how I wish you were sane.

There's just more of these lame-ass celebs with no shame, year after year, running over the same old ground.
What have they found?
Ever more inane, wish you were sane.


Solid Surfer

GN - It's been a few months, but I just came across this comment...I think you're a much better lyricist than Waters himself!


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How can people complain they lose a freedom, when a new law gives others more freedom? Like a law prohibiting?
outdoor smoking would give people who go outdoors the freedom to breath more fresh air and be healthier. Nonsmokers are the majority, so more people gain freedom than lose freedom.

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What are some quotes about freedom in the novel Brave new world to represent the World states freedom and John?
There is one in particular by Lenina that is something like we have the Freedom to be happy or something...


I've been a Pink Floyd Fan since I was a kid back in the early 70's. A huge fan! How distressing this is for me that not only is Waters coming off like a Jew hater but now Gilmour has joined him in the charity concert for the Hope Foundation. That's sad. As much as I've loved Floyd, I will stand behind Israel first and foremost.

How ironic too that Water's father was killed fighting Nazi Germany in World War II. Which, was the war that forced the return of the Jew to Israel.


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