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Hi Surfer,

I agree wholeheartedly. The only question should be, how, by whom and when.

THe when should be whenever our intelligence (a non sequitur?) indicates Iran is sufficiently close enough to warrant a strike (timeperiod "X"). Diplomacy has absolutely nothing to do with the decision. If Iran is still pursuing nukes when timeperiod "X" arrives we strike. If it is not, for whatever reason (self interest, regime change, diplomacy, etc.) we curtail.

The who is whatever entity is best suited to accomplish the mission with minimal collateral, economic and political damage.

The answer to "how" is the same as the answer to "who" except that a methodology is substituted for an entity.

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afternoon everybody, this just in regarding iran threatening israel - AGAIN:


iran can never be trusted to do what's right.

Freedom Now

Iran has attacked the US numerous times and continues to inflame tensions in Iraq, having an unknown influence on Sadr's aggression against the US during his failed revolt and seizure of the holy city of Najaf. It is known that Iran bankrolls and trains the Sadr Militia.

The country will continue to be the agressor, despite its military inferiority, until they no longer believe that they can manipulate "dissent" from American Liberals.

If Iran was really smart they would realize that an alliance with the US would be an advantage against their Sunni enemies. Our friendship with Saudi Arabia shows that we could still tolerate such an alliance with a Muslim country while they are hostile to our ally Israel.

However, they are ideological fanatics and poor strategists.

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Iran hates Sunnis, but they hate non-Muslims more. That said, Saudi Arabia and the other Arab gulf states feel very threatened by Iran, in large part due to the Sunni/Shiite split.

Given this, the U.S. has an opportunity to exploit this big time - say, by telling the Saudis we'll protect them from Iran, but only under the condition that they become a free society (allowing women to have rights, allowing the practice of other religions, etc.) and quit funding (and even repudiate) Islamic fundamentalism and terrorism.

The Saudis wouldn't be happy to have to make such a decision, but I think they'd gladly do all of it if it meant preserving their country against Iran.

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