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Love it, Surfer! This guy is probably the most unpopular man in the world right now, and deserves tremendous credit from us for doing this noble gesture. Go Ghana!!!

Mini Me

I saw the play live! As I was watching I couldn't believe it...did a player from Ghana just pull an Israeli flag out? Glad to hear the explanation behind it...however I will still be cheering against Ghana tomorrow morning when they face the US.

Solid Surfer

Hmm, this brings up an interestingly tough dilemma. I doubt I'll actually watch the game, but if I have to choose, I'll root for the USA in it as well. The flag-waving certainly boosted my affinity for Ghana, but really, it was only one guy who did it, and so that's the person whom I so greatly respect. So, while I'd cheer for Ghana against any other nation still in the tourney (Israel is out, by the way, for anyone who doesn't know), and I definitely want to cheer for Paintsil individually, I'll have to place my fandom with the hometown squad in this particular contest. Go USA!

Solid Surfer

Well, Ghana won...I thought the US would play better than they did.

Mini Me

A very disappointing showing for the US in this world cup...and now we must wait four more years. Well now that the US is out, Ghana will be my new team, for the same reasons as you, Solid Surfer. However, unfortunately they will most likely play Brazil in the next round, the favorite to win the whole thing. Let's Go Ghana!


The incident must make some living in the middle east why anyone would do this...love for Israel is a reason they can't fathom.

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