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I believe the principal arguments against the fence/wall are that: 1) the wall, in places, protrudes past the green line into the west bank (usurping the value of subsequent border negotiations) and, 2) it excessively impinges to a variable degree on the daily lives of the Palistinians. Both of these arguments are legitimate, and indeed the barrier has been rerouted in recognition of these arguments as required by Israeli courts. http://www.mideastweb.org/thefence.htm

Beyond these issues, the legitimacy of the fence/wall should not be questioned.

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Those concerns are real, but they're also secondary to the main issue, which is stopping terrorism. The problem with opponents of the fence is that they ignore the terrorism issue and focus only on the more minor points. In general, the fence has done a great job of stopping attacks, and it has saved Israeli lives.


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