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Ernesto Ribeiro


historic documentary videos filmed by the German and Muslim nazis:

1941: The historical meeting of Adolph Hitler with the head nazist muslim leader Amin el-Husseini – Yasser Arafat's uncle - getting from the German Nazist Party leadership this office: Führer der Arabischen Welt, Leader of Arab World.

Hitler, The Mufti Of Jerusalem And Modern Islamo Nazism:


Freedom Now

Great!!!!!!!!!! Thanks Surfer. I was just getting used to the idea of turning 40 and now you tell me that it is the year 5767 and I am really 3,800 years old.

At least I still have most of my hair and some of my facilities (the important ones).

Solid Surfer

Ernesto, thanks for the link. So many people have no idea of the Nazi-Arab connection, and we desperately need to spread the word.

Solid Surfer

FN - Happy Birthday! (I assume it was recent?) Maybe we need to look at it like this - no need to worry about age, since we're always one year younger than we will be next year!!

Freedom Now

Nope 4-O is next year. I'm not looking forward to it. It was amazing that my friends thought turning 30 was a big deal and I could understand that. But now I am hitting the big time and I'm not talking about a high roller.

Freedom Now

(I couldnt understand that)

Solid Surfer

40 is a great year to have a big birthday party, though...I know quite a few people who've done it.

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