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Freedom Now

Let me be the devil's advocate for Dukasis. If Dukasis was a true humanitarian he or she would praise the US military's decision, but that would not sit well with his or her ideology.

Thats why such praise is missing from this blog. If forced to acknowledge this point he or she would then have to "balance" the statement with one condemning the US military.

The amazing thing is that Dukasis or any other Leftist never feels the need for "balance" when discussing the Taliban, Iraqi Baathists or Al Qaeda. Its quite interesting.

...Surfer, I disagree with you and most of your readers on this post. I think that this episode is a clear indication of the falseness of the accusations against our country.

God Bless America!!!!!!!!!!!

Solid Surfer

I'm not sure what Dukakis would have said, but I'd argue that a true humanitarian would support striking the terrorists. It's no question that these men have been attacking and murdering both innocent civilians and American soldiers, and surely plan to continue this. Therefore, America's military would be attacking them purely in self defense.

I'd feel very differently if the terrorists were amenable to negotiation and reasoning; in that such case, I'd be wholly against attacking them. But since we know they won't compromise their jihadist values and will fight to the death, America as I see it has no choice but to respond.

I actually didn't intend this piece as a widescale condemnation of our armed forces; on the whole, I think they've been doing a great job and I'm very grateful to and supportive of them. But this is one case where, unfortunately, I think they let political correctness get way too in the way. (I should actually update the original post to clarify this.)

Solid Surfer



PC also means Pointless Crap. I agree, bad military PC decision. I'll point out though that bad military decisions are common in warfare by all sides and always have been. The rules have changed in this war from the way wars were fought before, and the old concepts of honor have to be revised in the face of a totally dishonerable enemy who is taught deception as part of their way of life from birth and who have no problem with desecrating their own supposedly sacred sites. Look at the attempted attacks on Mecca by militant muslims themselves.

Your frustration is natural and logical. I don't think we will start bombing terrorists in their graveyards until we've taken a few more hard hits. For all that we are at war, we still are a long ways from really taking the gloves off. We're just not pissed off enough yet.



We are foolish little dhimmis. Freedomnow hits it on the head when he says he will be disagreed with by the commentators at this or any other sane website.

The left just doesn't have a clue...we wage war to gain unconditional surrender....nothing less is HUMANE.

It is inhumane to allow terrorists to live another day so that they can kill Americans. Allowing them to live is more than inhumane, it is a crime against humanity and whoever is responsible for it should be hung for high treason.



I agree that often our military is prevented from taking the right action that would REDUCE the length of a conflict and the number of casualties because of ridiculous PC policies.

In this case I do not believe we have enough information to make a decision. Over at Autonomous they posted on the same thing and had a follow up statement from a General who claimed that it was a decision based on operational needs or some such.

In other words, the options are that they were following someone and didn't want to blow the work already done to track them back to the biggies, or, we had an operative in the group we didn't want to kill along with possible future information he could develop or...???

This could have been another leftard operation trying to smear the Bush War. It could also have been a true patriot who did not have all the information needed to understand what appeared to be a PC decision.

The way highly classified operations are partitioned all the people running the surveillance might not know all the info about what they are surveiling. Basically we just DON'T KNOW.

Solid Surfer

Kuhnkat, those are some really good points. I really hope you're right, and that the decision was made for legitimate reasons of which we aren't aware, as opposed to the army falling for political correctness.

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