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This is INSANE. The ONLY one to benefit from this is Mexico since they are unwilling and unable to shore up their economy. Canada, while behind the US at least has some semblance of a stable economy and nowhere near the corruption in government as in Mexico. As if we don't already have enough entitlement recipients, taking on the hoards south of the border would cripple our economy and feed the corruption since we can't control the rampant corruption within our own government. Is American University actually a front for a lunatic PAC? What type of catharsis will it take to get the people involved to the point of throwing the crooked politicians out and stop the madness?

Mini Me

I don't believe that this could actually ever happen...and yes my jaw did drop!

Solid Surfer

I wouldn't ordinarily think such a thing could happen, but it did indeed occur in Europe, and half of America (i.e. liberal/red state America) wants to be more like Europe. So I really think it at least has the potential to become a serious issue.

I think the European fantasy is probably what's guiding the authors of the plan too; given that they're leftwing professors, they're probably embarassed about being American and want to be popular among elitist European opinion.

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