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Surfer, take some advice from a fellow blogging new Dad who has similar time constraints as you do: don't give up your blogging.

Seriously, you need some "you" time, too, and this is very therapeutic. You don't need to post 7 days a week, of course, but keep the site active for your own well being.

Just some friendly advice!

Your pal,


Hey Surfer Dude,

What a blast it has been!!!!!!

You are one of those bloggers that I dont completely agree with, but always sympathize with.

Not only are you a great blogger, but you are a great person.

Thanks for the memories...


You had a great run and I enjoyed your contribution. I understand the need to move on. Family comes first!

Solid Surfer

MZ, Freedom Now, and Jason - thanks for the kind words. Blogging on this site has been great, but one thing that makes it easier for me to go is the knowledge that the blogosphere is in good hands with sites like all of yours. I definitely plan to continue to be a regular visitor at all of your blogs, and if you're ever looking for a guest writer on occasion, I'd be happy to chime in.


If you quit entirely, a pox will be visited on your firstborn. So sayeth the Great God Blog.

Well, no, actually I think Blog came in on the same donkey that the Great Pumpkin rode. MZ is right though. Blogging is good for the soul even if it does tend to wear out PC chairs.

Congratulations on your pending fatherhood!


Mini Me

Surfer you will be missed. I have enjoyed your writing and our interaction. Best of luck to you in your future endeavor.

Solid Surfer

Thanks Rastaman and Mini Me. I will definitely miss blogging over here. (I'm not actually done yet, though; I know haven't posted for several days, but do intend to put up some wrap-up materials shortly.)


Great Job Surfer. You will be missed.

Solid Surfer

Thanks Parnah, glad you have enjoyed visiting the site.

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