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Snake Oil Baron

Goble has a lot of good insights into Russia and the region but I agree that he is way off on this particular issue just as Steyn is not the moron/fascist that he is often portrayed as even though I feel he is wrong in the demographic nature of the threat from Islamic theocratic ideology.

Even among the actual population of Islamic immigrants there is often a tendency to compare existing first and second generations rather than comparing today's second generation immigrants with their parents. This error obscures trends in secularisation and even apostasy rates as well as other aspects of assimilation. It can make it look like second generations are becoming more conservative than their parents when the opposite is true.

The real threat from Islam is the willingness of Westerners to encourage acts like honor killings and shariah courts by refusing to criticize them and hiding them from public awareness. Islam won't take over the West by numbers but it very well might convince us to get rid of aspects of our culture like equality before the law, freedom of belief and secular government.

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